Loving Logo Design

A selection of logos casted at Creativa along the years

The Brand Manual

Every Brand Identity produced by the Creativa ‘s team includes a brand manual, which is the instructions that will help to keep you identity consistent and beautiful along the years.

The brand manual document comes along with

• Font package
• Logo vector and bitmap files
• Different versions of the logo: grayscale, B&We, full colors, and minimized versions

What is a brand manual for?

A brand manual is a technical guidance on how to effectively use the company’s brand identity. It will help other designers involved in the brand’s projects to understand how the logo and other graphic elements should be placed on different platforms. The manual also includes: logo placement, logo variations, colors guide for print and web, the “do” and the “don’t do”, image use, and typeface specification.


We love to use our shots on clients projects. Creativa is also available for personal photoshoots. The photos of this gallery are all taken by Carmine Savarese © All rights reserved