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B&D Home. Bring Italy Home

B&D Home is a top quality furniture company based in Florence, Italy, with 40 years of tradition. Their strength are the finishes. Their products are all customized and crafted by Italian artisans which make each products’s finishes unique. Their brand identity was never changed since the 1970’s

B&D asked Creativa a new minimalist concept , adaptable to different materials, tools and digital products. Out work was centered around the selection of the right font for the new brand identity: Spinnaker has the balanced sense of the B&D furniture products. The green color palette has been identified for the strong connection of this color with natural materials and for a remind to Tuscan origins of the company.

Creativa, as a multicultural company had clear the client background and their mission on promoting Florence heritage style, so that it could be understood to both Italian and International market.

Once the branding was ready and approved Creativa designed and developed their new institutional clean website, which, once again, lets the images speaks.