Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Creation: How to Leverage Machine Intelligence for Creative Success

How to correctly interact with the Artificial Intelligence platforms in order to save time and to reach the best results in the field of Digital Creation.

Table of Content:

  1. Digital content: the introduction of new technologies: AI?
  2. The need for dialogue between humans and AI
  3. Man-machine work in content production
  4. Which AI to use for what purpose
  5. Creativa and the use of AI
  6. Action!
AI tools for creative success in digital creation
Photo by cottonbro studio

Digital content: the introduction of new technologies: AI

The production of digital content has seen the entry of a giant competitor in the virtual creation world in recent times: AI is increasingly present in our lives and tools such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Synthesia, or Midjourney are available to everyone.

Although the moral implications are beyond the scope of this article, it is important to specify that we firmly believe that every tool has potential if treated and used correctly. For this reason, we have started to discover and experiment with AI in the daily life of our studio as a useful tool for our work.

The need for dialogue between humans and AI

As a first step, it is necessary to establish a dialogue between humans and artificial intelligence, a type of dialogue different from the one we have been accustomed to conducting so far and that uses a new language.

The language we use to address chatbots that exploit artificial intelligence must be correct and targeted in order to obtain the desired products or to approach them.

Man-machine work in content production

Thus we could start a never-before-seen work process that sees the union of human and machine work and that, in potential, can give us very satisfying results in a time that tends to be shorter.

If the human genius learns to communicate with artificial intelligence, digital artistic production can benefit from it in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Communication, as always, is the key to the successful completion of work.

Which AI to use for what purpose

Among the vast panorama of possibilities that AI opens up, we have been particularly interested in the creation of visual (text-to-image) and textual (text-to-text) content to be developed together with and thanks to artificial intelligence.

As for visual content, we have relied on the excellent quality and immediacy of the Midjourney text-to-image, a chatbot running on the Discord channel: the created images are very realistic, the colors very rich, and, after some exercise on the platform, it is possible to learn how to direct the machine’s work rather precisely.

Also in the visual field, it is impossible not to mention the Synthesia text-to-video platform, through which it is possible to create video content through artificial intelligence alone (a nice gain if you think about the material and time spent in a day of shooting!).

Focusing on textual content (text-to-text), the undisputed leader of the entry of artificial intelligence into the daily lives of everyone, we find ChatGPT: with its help in this area, we can write articles, captions for social media posts, emails, real stories.

We have thus embarked on the exciting path of creating digital content with the support of AI: using the potential of ChatGPT’s prompt expansion, for example, to develop the idea (the prompt itself) of an image in the correct language to be fed to Midjourney’s text-to-image, which in turn elaborates our image.

It doesn’t end here! We also had fun delivering the images we obtained back to ChatGPT to obtain textual content (image-to-text): thus, she told us the stories, life, and adventures of the characters we obtained.

We find ourselves in a network of stories and new faces, some more realistic, others more science-fiction, in a world that we imagined and created together with AI.

AI tools for creative success in digital creation

Creativa and the use of AI

We have officially inaugurated our discovery of AI, taking our first steps in the field of digital creation and already achieving satisfactory results. We already use these tools to expand texts and create specific images (which would otherwise require significantly longer times) and we are sure and confident that this new man-machine dialogue will bear fruit, opening the way to a different and innovative artistic production.

Certainly, the creation of the desired content is not immediate, just as the artist will not reach his maximum potential with the first work, so in digital creation accompanied by artificial intelligence, many attempts and many bad copies are necessary before obtaining a result that is at least satisfactory.

For this very reason, in order to learn to coexist with technological innovations and derive benefits from them, it is essential to start exploring the world of AI and find a way to communicate and exploit this powerful computer tool.

It is undeniable that the use of AI in a professional context brings not only new motivation but also great advantages: from the versatility of the tool in many sectors to the possibility of presenting the client with one or more valid alternatives in faster times. Consequently, the dialogue with the client also increases, and feedback times are accelerated.

This path, which allows us to learn something new every day, has thrilled and fascinated us: it has allowed us to see our work from another perspective, different and innovative, which we want to continue experimenting with to obtain better and better results!


Indeed, we played with AI tools also to get some of the contents of this article, both textual and visual: we share here below the prompt we got from ChatGPT to generate Elysia, the Cyber Siren.

AI tools for creative success in digital creation
Elysia, the Cybernetic Siren, generated through Midjourney with a prompt written by ChatGPT, named by ChatGPT

/imagine PROMPT Portrait of a beautiful lady visual designer interacting with a machine, photorealistic high details, 8k, lifelike, hyperrealistic, insanely detailed, intricate details. torso body shot, as cyber Future-girl, random short Cybernetic uniform, glowing ornaments, random pose, photorealism, dynamic light, filmic color management, cinematic camera, cinematic light, dynamic pose, ultra detailed, insanely detailed hair, luscious lips, wide angle, upper half body, fashion shot, photography, photoshoot, futuristic glow , absurdly beautiful, graceful, sophisticated, fashionable lady, hyper-detailed illustration, intricate linework, white porcelain skin, faberge, coral headdress, unreal engine 5 highly rendered, global illumination, radiant light, detailed and intricate environment , the most perfect woman lower body close up, canon 5d, 200mm lens, f1.8, bokeh, depth of field, golden bodysuit, sunny light backlit –v 4 –ar 3:2 –stylize 1000