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Tiplr. The last guide you will ever need

“The last guide you will ever need”. Tiplr is a global travel platform and aims to be the ultimate tool that serves as a community of smart travelers who can easily create, share, and collect authentic travel tips from each other. Creativa developed the concept, designed the entire brand identity including icons illustrations, then we entirely produced and both iOS app and website .

The logo of Tiplr represents the perfect meeting point between an air balloon and map pointer, our scope was to iconify the international and ubiquitous travel experience. Colors were carefully picked out to match the spirit of our target group, daring and exuberant travelers around the globe.

In contrast to the colorful logo, the platform interface, for both iOS app and website is simple and clear in order to have the user focusing on the images, which are at center of the identity. Tiplr is about user generated content and Creativa believed that the application be very straight forward. We focused on assorting high quality images that could draw audiences. Enough blank margins were implemented to assure readability. Believing each and one of Tiplr’s tips to be noteworthy, we chose the content to be presented one on top of the other by swiping up and down. This allows the users to focus on one post at a time, and easily access others. The design of Tiplr allows easy navigation with the primary functions easily accessible to users.