Uffizi Home. Crafted in Italy, made in the USA

Uffizi Home is a furniture company from Florence, Italy, with offices in the U.S. With pastel colors and rustic finishings, Uffizi’s furnitures are very much the representation of the aesthetics of Florence. Elaborately handcrafted frames from Italy are sent to the U.S, where then the slip seats are finished with local fabric. Creativa helped Uffizi Home define their brand identity. Inspired by the architecture of the Galleria degli Uffizi, the iconic museum in Florence, we used olive green and maroon as the corporate colors. The icon resembles patterns on the museum building. We took into consideration that the logo should represent the city of Florence and also the type of furniture they craft.

Branding Case Study

Briefing: Uffizi Home is producing exquisite Florence styled furniture with rustic finishings, Uffizi Home hoped to break into the U.S. market while keeping the Italian look and feel to demonstrate the authenticity of their products. They reached out to Creativa for their brand identity and an e-commerce site.

Solution: With our multinational designers working in the cosmopolitan city of New York, we were easily able to understand the cultural background of our client. We came up with a concept that satiated the fastidious taste of the U.S. market while still retaining the spirit of Florence. Throughout our extensive research on Florence and its beautiful architecture, we came across the Uffizi Art Museum which has become our main source of inspiration for Uffizi’s logo. We combined ‘U’ and ‘H’ and arranged the letters so that the logo icon could be repeated like a pattern.

Our clients were very satisfied with our design, which they believed to be a perfect representation of their identity. They also loved how it could be applied on any type of platform. W, simply, take into consideration our client’s cultural background and their need to make a brand identity speak for itself.