Strega Club

Liqueur Packaging Strega Club Strega Liqueur is a heritage liqueur brand from Benevento, Italy. This time, Strega asked Creativa to make a label for their small liquor bottle. The bottle contain only a small amount of liquor, which aimed for people to drink before going inside a bar. Strega wants the bottle to be classy [...]

Strega Retail


Creativa is in charge of Strega Retail design. Strega Alberti has been running since 1860, and is known to be one of the oldest liqueur and chocolate companies in Italy. In dealing with long term clients like Strega Alberti, we ensure their brand design application could remain consistent throughout the span of time.

Strega Alberti Sweets

Packaging we designed for Strega Alberti. The triangle pattern are used on different Alberti's products. The color combination on each package is adopted from the older package.

Strega Limoncello

Strega Limoncello is a product of Liquor Strega. There are different market of this product, International and Italian market.

Strega Depero

Strega Depero is a project made for Strega Liqueur. Depero is an Avant Grande Italian artist that has contributed on Strega Advertisement back in the day. We were asked to use the image of bird painting Depero made for Strega into packaging.

Baba Strega

Strega Alberti, one of our client, produced Baba cake, a traditional cake made saturated in rum, usually served with whipped cream.

Birra Plurale

Birriciclo Plurale is a start-up micro-brewery founded in Milan, by a brilliant entrepreneur who lived for a while in the United States