Buying & Design

Brand Identity Buying and Design Buying & Design is a furniture company based in Florence. Their unique point is in their finishes. It is all customized and hand made which make each products’s finishes unique. B&D, however, wanted to be the product used for people who has niches style. They wanted that their logo to […]


Coordinaire is a healthcare platform that bridge that aimed to make the communication between all care providers better.


Immortalize is a platform where people could remember the legacy of those of their beloved. Creativa designed the interface and brand identity.

Strega Retail

Creativa is in charge of Strega Retail design. Strega Alberti has been running since 1860, and is known to be one of the oldest liqueur and chocolate companies in Italy. In dealing with long term clients like Strega Alberti, we ensure their brand design application could remain consistent throughout the span of time.


Real Estate Investment Group based in Southern California.
Project on Website and Brand Identity

Spirit of Italy

The Spirit of Italy is a group of 9 classic Italian liqueurs firms, among them Amaro Lucano, Zabov Moccia, Varnelli, Limoncello Pallini and Grappa Nardini.

Uffizi Home

Uffizi Home is a Italian Furniture Collection Branding for the US market. We created brand identity and an e-commerce website for them.


WikiReviews, Inc. is a social media platform that allows users to read and create credible reviews on businesses, products, movies, people and more.

Aia della Colonna

Aia della Colonna is a charming farmhouse with accommodation facilities, nested among the rolling tuscan hills, in Italy.