Italian food companies partnership


Marche Region is a charming land in Central Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea, rich in beauty, cultural heritage, delicious food, and successful “Made in Italy” businesses. The Confindustria bureau teamed up with a group of circa 40 food companies from Marche with the specific goal to promote their common values and products under a strong umbrella brand in the US market.

They choose Creativa because of our natural role to be a bridge between Europe and America and our capability to deeply understand the values to communicate in a market we already know as we operate from New York.

We started this project from scratch, we initially worked on the naming with our copywriters and on the brand identity with our creatives. We casted an appealing look that perfectly suits the concept we had in mind to promote and to introduce Marche in America.

We came out with the name “Marche is Good” and the red “M” logo. We really love its simplicity and the fact that we supported the word “Marche” -new and hard to pronunce for the english speaker audience- combining it with a smooth and universal term as “Good” is. In addition the logo shape immediately tells exactly about Italy and where Marche is located.

We applied all these creative elements on several tools: a dynamic administrable webportal with more than 40 Marche’s ambassadors and 15 Marche’s international testimonials. We did a massive social media campaign, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. We printed out booklets, postcards, banners and other promotional materials for the Marche’s month events in New York City (October 2013).

The Creativa social media team currently manage on a monthly base all the “Marche is Good” social accounts and the website as well. Furthermore, we keep designing materials for their future promotional activities.

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